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Formax - Production Pressure Sealers

FD 2096 Plus AutoSeal

The AutoSeal® FD 2096 uses patented pressure seal technology to efficiently process cut-sheet pressure seal forms in a mid-volume production environment, at speeds of up to 30,000 forms per hour.

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  • FD 2096

FD 2200 Plus AutoSeal

The AutoSeal® 2200 Series High Volume Pressure Sealers are designed to handle the highest volume jobs with ease and dependability. The 2200 Series offers fully automated settings to provide for quick and easy setup of different jobs.

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  • FD 2200

FD 2200-10 Plus AutoSeal

The AutoSeal® FD 2200-10 Stand-Alone pressure sealer is the ideal solution for high-volume mailers who want to utilize existing floor model folding systems. The ability to purchase a "sealer-only" system versus a complete folding and sealing solution drastically reduces the up-front cost of adding pressure seal capability.

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  • FD 2200-10