Parcel Auditing

It Pays to Reduce Transportation Costs!

Successful companies like yours get the package out the door efficiently and on-time, only to discover that auditing the small parcel carrier invoice can harvest additional savings.  The typical cost reduction is 1-4% off the carrier invoice.  MarXam LLC offers a service called ANALYSHIP that will automatically do an unbiased audit of your small parcel carrier bills and also automatically file claims against it. 

 We regularly see savings in the following areas:

  • Late deliveries (outside of the guaranteed response time)
  • Manifested not shipped (packages that are recorded by some shipping software but never make it into the carriers package system)
  • Lost packages (packages that were dropped into the system but there is no record of delivery – these return 100% of the freight plus the value of the merchandise inside the box even if it was delivered)
  • Double billings (packages where you were invoiced for them more than once)
  • Residential adjustments (fees charged for coding residential shipments as commercial even though the address is in fact commercial)
  • Incorrect address fees.

This service is available at no cost or investment to you; we simply share the savings we harvest.  It is a cost cutting program that really has no down side, because if we can’t save you money there are no fees.

 Download the ANALYSHIP Audit Brochure