About Us

MarXam LLC is a premiere distributor of equipment, products, and services that help manage your company’s mailroom and warehouse operations. With offices in both the St. Louis and Kansas City metro areas, we offer local service within all of Missouri, southern Illinois, and eastern Kansas. 

MarXam founders have been involved in the mailing & shipping industry since the late 1970’s. That means we have more experience than most of our competitors. Experience helps us better understand your needs so we can help you create solutions and solve problems more effectively.

MarXam LLC was founded by former principals of The EVCOR Network that provided mailing and shipping solutions from 1975 until purchased in 2000 for $60 million. Now a premier distributor of FP, Secap, Ozlink, Formax, I360A, MBM and other mailroom & warehouse solutions, MarXam continues its leadership role and reputation of friendly customer service and fast service response time. Staffed by many of the associates that made EVCOR a success, today we again are providing an intelligent alternative for mailroom & warehouse systems and solutions.

MarXam Corporate Headquarters